Orangetheory: an honest review

I joined Orangetheory Fitness 2 months ago and it has literally changed my life! No more dogging workouts, excuses for time, nor shortcutting myself!

Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”

I have shared my ups and downs of my fitness journey with you… there are literally so many amazing programs and opportunities out there to get fit, workout, eat well, etc. etc. However, finding one to stick with that works can be pretty tricky am I right?! Generally in life, I am a pretty active person that enjoys a multitude of activities… I love the outdoors and find absolute solace and peace any place I am able to practice yoga! I find I am my very best self when I am living an active lifestyle and physically in shape… for me this is directly related to my mental and emotional health too! I love dancing as I have shared before and what I appreciate about this new journey of incorporating Orangetheory into my routine is that I don’t have to lose anything else I still enjoy doing! For many (most), I would say that time is of the essence and if you google biggest reason for people to not work out, it is that, “time!” Seems like there are not enough moments in a day to balance life as is let alone the luxuries of workouts and “me time.” I tried to do 28 minute workouts at home and although they have their place and work well for me at times, they are not the best or most ideal solution. Not to mention having to pause and study your phone for the next workout or find things in your house to substitute for the props you need to properly get the workouts done. The solution for me wasn’t to take it to the gym… I find myself wandering around and wasting a lot of time and never getting myself into a place of appropriate heart rate, output, and burn. Some are amazing at this, that is not me! I need someone to guide me and I am well on my way… I am willing to push hard and get better and better and sweat until my legs give way and I drop.

All you need is an hour.

This is where Orangetheory comes in… for a few years now I have casually looked into the program and wanted to try it only to shy away because I hate contracts and commitment, I am weird that way. Tell me not to eat something and I gorge (this is why I don’t diet), tell me not to do something and I will. Horrible but true! If I am being transparent, the cost completely turned me off and kept me away too because I thought it was too expensive and we couldn’t afford it. Doesn’t change that I was still intrigued! After my third baby, I had never felt so out of shape and fat… truly, this outer shell of a woman that was not me. Who wants to go workout when you feel like you’re going to be the weakest or most out of shape person in the room? I bet it’s fair to say NO ONE! Well, that is one of the many reasons I love Orangetheory… there are many types, bodies, ages, strength abilities, and fitness levels in one room at once with NO JUDGEMENT!! How cool is that?!? Even the fitness coaches, who are all in different levels of “fit” themselves do not make any one feel like they shouldn’t be there. They actually help modify, correct weights, positioning, movement, etc. and they do it so politely and in a manner that the person next to you doesn’t even realize it happened. You’re in your own zone… however, there is this really cool exchange of energy happening in the room. Some days it’s the person next to me, that I do not know, that helps me push harder and get through the workout. There’s this sense of belonging that I have never found in a gym. I do find this same communal sense in yoga and dance, but never in a higher intensity format before. It is addicting!! I will warn you… once you go orange, you don’t go back!

Reaching a fitness goal is hardly easy, but always worth it!

-Orangetheory website

Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says “I’m possible.”


  • Time: only 60 minutes TOTAL!
  • Program: scientifically structured to put you into the 5 categories they’ve delegated to achieve maximum “burn” results long after your workout is done.
  • Guessing game = workout NO MORE! Takes the guesswork out of your workouts, no more thinking, just doing! (best part for me)
  • Positive environment from the moment you walk in the door!!
  • Everyone is welcome and you really feel a sense of community.
  • Modifying is possible and encouraged, you don’t have to run, you can walk, bike, whatever you want… just move.
  • Coaching is deliberate and they know their stuff.
  • Monitor and track your progress immediately while your heart rate and other measures are on screen but also through the app and emails to hold yourself accountable and know where you can improve or celebrate what you have done.
  • Splat points! If you’re not familiar with Orangetheory these are what you earn for every moment you are in the “orange zone” which I understand to be the perfect place for your heart to be that promotes healthier metabolisms to boost your body!
  • Flexibility: LOTS of class time options, studio locations (they are everywhere) and booking or cancelling through the app is easy! We literally do an OT workout as the hubs and I call them everywhere we travel. My husband travels for work on a regular basis and seeks out Orangetheory Fitness centers everywhere he goes now.
  • NO PRESSURE! EVER! Pay as you go, buy a class pack, pick a package that works for you…all month to month if you want too.
  • Family/Couple-friendly! One of the coaches joked with my husband and I at an afternoon workout while we were sweating hard next to one another and said, “how’s your date going?” We laughed and also appreciated that we could do something together that further enriches our relationship and bond. Once old enough, your kids can join too. Actually, it’s great to do with anyone. Definitely makes for something fun!

Nothing feels better than a finished workout.

There were only a few “cons” I could come up with: 1. No childcare on site and 2. Cost. 3. Class Packs. The first can be tricky but with the many class offerings 7 days a week, I am able to find a couple 60 minute blocks to have my kids watched. As for the second of cost, here is what I came up with after much thought and consideration….I got thinking about our budget and where the money goes… trust me, once I did this, I realized that I easily throw away the cost of my classes at Orangetheory in an impulse buy or by eating out, etc. For us, we just changed the thought process to be about investing in our health upfront in an effort to prevent costs of health issues down the road. Healthcare is expensive, taking care of yourself in the bigger scope of things is not. When you break down the cost per class it is actually very manageable and more budget-friendly than I initially thought. Worth every penny now! And for the third, I would like to see either a 10 class pack or a discounted individual class deal for current monthly paying customers. My husband and I have found after a couple of months that 10 is the ideal number for us in a month but this isn’t a feasible option with the current offerings. Ideally, having a few more options available for loyal OT goers would be awesome.

I am so happy that I gave it a try and have made it a part of my weekly routine… it feels good and the results were basically immediate. It is not about the social pressures of any one acceptable body type, it is about feeling good in your own skin and with who you are. I feel good in the color orange. This workout was created in part by a woman, she must get it and know just what us aging mamas need! So to the founder of Orangetheory, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for envisioning a place for people to feel safe in their fitness journey, no matter what part of the journey they are on! Thank you to the coaches and staff for helping me feel like I belong and that each day I show up, I accomplish something AMAZING for ME!!

xo, Chandra

Found on Pinterest, thank you to whomever created this! LOVE it!

Disclaimer: This post is in no way affiliated nor sponsored by Orangetheory Fitness. The thoughts, opinions, and information shared is solely my own.


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