1. Brandon

    Very good blog post babe… Love you. Your big and compassionate heart is one of many reasons people are drawn to you. LUMUNU

    • Debi Hansen

      ❤️ 🙏✨ Craig will forever be with you!! I know he has touched my life with so many gifts.. I still remember the first time I met him, his sparkle never dimmed.. He was kind quick witted generous man with a huge heart.. I love this!! Your such a multitalented woman. My baby .. I am so very proud of you!! I love reading whatever you write it flows, draws me in!! I love you!! Shine on Brilliant one ❤️✨😇

  2. Sadie

    Awesome read. This hits close to home for me. I am in the middle of writing one about the loss of my dad due to cancer. Cancer sucks.

  3. Carol Tillotson

    So touching to see compassion and love such as this. You are an extraordinary pe4son and writer. Love you!


  4. Master B

    Beautifully written and eye opening. As humans, we relate situations to our own experiences which is sometimes good but a lot of times bad. Even knowing Craig and your relationship (much better after this post) I relate it to my own uncle passing a year ago and although sad I wasn’t super close with him so the pain was for my mom… so when I hear of someone’s uncle or aunt or basically anyone who isn’t immediate family passing, I feel bad and have empathy, but never stop and think about the relationship regardless of title. We do subconsciously judge in our head like “oh a grandparent who is older, sad but could be worse” and that is so wrong. I remember hearing people say after my grandma passed “well she was 93 so that’s good”. Like what the hell is that supposed to mean. Also eye opening is the fact that no matter how long they are sick or if you have time to prepare… it never makes it any easier. Ever. Great post. I’m so sorry for your loss. So sorry I wasn’t there for you. Sorry so many just disregarded it as “just an uncle”! He was amazing and you were an awesome niece and cousin. Thanks for sharing. Love ya.

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  6. Chantel Estes

    What a beautifully written piece straight from the heart. I so appreciate your rawness and how you love with your whole being. Thank you for letting us all in. Love ya girl….xoxo

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