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Father’s Day: The Perfect Gift

“The best gift a father can give his children is time.”

With Father’s Day around the corner, I have been stressed trying to find the “perfect” gift for my husband. I don’t know about you, but I find the older we get and the longer we are married, the harder gift giving becomes. You know, the magic of the surprise or the unique and thoughtful gift sort of turns into the practical or the “don’t worry about getting me anything” type of thing. My love language is in gifts… not in the way you may be thinking… more in the element of thought really. When someone remembers something you’ve said you have had your eye on or your favorite treat or drink. In fact, some of the best gifts have been on a scrap paper from home or a hand print for sure… but when you want to do something unique and special, that is fun too!

As I was thinking of what would be fitting for my husband this year, the thought came to mind of “time.” You see… life has been full of so much lately and in result we have that feeling of little time or that it is fleeting by. I find that time is the most treasured concept for us right now. With my husband as a pilot and away from us so often, I wanted to get him something so he could always think of us at home and know how much we love and appreciate him and miss him all of the time. Every time he gets in that airplane and safely transports so many precious souls we want him to know that his hard work and time is appreciated back home. So, I thought what about a watch… but I have given him a few over the years so would that really make sense? Then I came across (thank goodness for social media really) this incredible and unique watch company, Jord. I am so excited to give this unique and custom (you can engrave on them) men’s watch to him that is gorgeous, handsome, really cool… no hype at all here, just an honest review!


Even more exciting is that I have the honor of teaming up with Jord to offer my readers and followers (feel free to share with your friends and family too so they can reep the reward) an awesome discount AND a chance to enter into a really cool CONTEST to win your own unique watch and engraved gift!

Luxury Wooden Watch

Every person that enters the giveaway (below) will receive $25 right now toward any luxury watch you buy (after you see them, like me, you will want to buy more than one!)!! At the end of the giveaway, one lucky winner will receive $100 toward a unique luxury wooden Jord watch! How BEAUTIFUL is that?!?!?!!!

Here’s your link to order:

Here’s a link to the watch we selected: (photographed throughout post)

Here’s your link to enter to WIN:

The giveaway will close July 9, 2017  at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on October 29, 2017.


  • Elaine Aho

    I hope I win. I need more time to see my Grandchild and Great Grand Children graduate from college and get married.

  • Robyn Misewicz

    I love these beautiful and unique watches! Thank you for bringing this brand to my attention…and what a beautiful sentiment…the best thing we can give the ones we love is our time…so true! Xoxo

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