About Us

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Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire one another to get through this thing called “life” while spreading a little more peace, love, & happiness along the way.

What is Go Beautifully?

Go Beautifully is an idea I came up with while thinking of the purpose or my “why” so to speak behind creating this site. To me, this encompasses so many aspects of the term itself: beauty. I believe that beauty comes from within… I know, every where we look, we are pressured to look beautiful and may experience utter fear or sheer anxiety at the task. However, I firmly believe that we are all beautiful, we really are! There is no perfect, cookie cutter, replica of what is beautiful… there is only our own imperfectly perfect version.

It’s amazing how a change in perspective can almost transform our experience within or from a situation. Granted, we cannot always control what happens to us and sadly we must endure some incredibly challenging and heartbreaking times… I will never take away from the rawness of this; however, it is my hope to help uplift one another through those times… to find the beauty when it may feel there is none.

It is my hope to share ideas, concepts, tips, tricks, and products that may enhance our lives but are not what our lives are centered around.

I am extremely nervous to the vulnerability of publishing my most intimate details of our lives but believe it is crucial in my crusade of finding, accepting, and sharing my authentic self… I hope you will join me in my journey and look forward to sharing in yours as well.

Meet the Author

View More: http://akstudiodesign.pass.us/chandra_brandon

Chandra Tillotson

Founder “Go Beautifully”

I’ve recently put my career as a high school English teacher and dance team coach on hold to raise my boys (ages: 12  years & 11 months) and share in this wonderful life with my husband. We love to travel, live an active lifestyle and try our best to practice healthy habits. I cannot function properly without a few things: coffee, yoga, and laughter! I love my fur babies, trying new recipes from my sister, and indulging in a new book. Most of all, I honestly love to find ways, even the most simplistic of gestures, to make someone’s day… nothing brings me more joy than this! Family is my foundation, my roots are my rock, and my dreams are my wings ready to fly! I am no expert nor will I try to be… my goal with this site and all I post is to be genuine, open, honest, and raw. As a lover of so many aspects of life, I will also share products, fashion/beauty tips, ideas, health/fitness motivation, travel experiences, and so much more. It is all about connecting with others and finding that we can in fact Go Beautifully!