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5 Baby Shower Gifts: Unique and Useful

I was recently spoiled by my friends and family with two separate and crazy adorable baby showers: Tea Party for Two with my friends and a Flamingle with my family! Talk about FUN! I will post about each one separately to help anyone out there looking for ideas.

I wanted to highlight a few really unique items I have received that would never have been on my normal radar/baby registry list. However, I am beyond excited to have them and wanted to share with you all stat!!

First, I raved about the DockATot, still a must have in my book! So many options out there, I have searched them all… they range from cheap to wowzers expensive and the best and moderately priced option I found was with DockATot. Check them out and buy HERE. Another great idea is to buy a gift card from them toward one for you shower gift or get others to go in on one with you. They give you $10 off your order if you join their mailing list. Their innovative CloudTot comes out Fall 2018… check that out, wow! So cool!! (Check out my previous blog post.)

Next, how many of you have taken your car seat in the grocery store only to bury your baby and surround every square inch of space with items only to have to return to the store in a day or two again because it just doesn’t work to shop with infant in tow?!?! ME!!! I am sure the check out personnel have seen it all and chuckle a time or two. Anyway, I received a really cool cart hammock that solves the issue… a while back my toddler and I took a doll to the store and put it to the test, it was AWESOME!! It’s called a Binxy Baby and when I read the reviews, thousands have agreed. How did I not know of this before? This is now my go to baby shower gift because no one registers for it, yet so far, everyone has said basically the same as me, “this is a must have item that I didn’t even know I needed.” Check out how easily it works and buy HERE.

Of course I wanted every cute swaddle and wrap out there… there are so many adorable and functional ones!! I received an Ollie Swaddle and aside from coming in the cutest package, it is the softest yet most sturdily made wrap I have seen. It’s amazing the love, thought, and care that went into the design of the swaddle. Check out their story. Aside from this swaddle being the sweetest and most functional one I have seen, I was really impressed by the reviews and benefits, especially the enhanced neurodevelopment. From a swaddle people!! You now that newborn startle and the superpowers our tiny humans have to get unswaddled?!?! No more with The Ollie. Save 10% by signing up for their mailing list, and buy HERE

Something adorable and unique I found is a newborn hat that literally updates the traditional and non-personal hospital hats you get when your baby is born. It’s called an Infanteenie Beenie and they are adorable! Not only do they offer a unique spin on the traditional and boring hospital hat, they can be CUSTOMIZED too! Same super soft material the hospitals use but with an added flare for your new bundle of joy! Check out their story and buy HERE.

Another must have brand that I have literally loved with my boys is Comotomo! So many options out there with bottles and feeding… when breastfeeding, these were the best and gave zero nipple confusion. Again, you may have to try a few different bottles to know what your little one will do best with… BUT these are my favorite at at the top of my recommend list to try first! No gas. No irritation. Love the silicon feel, and you only need a few because they last forever! You’ll only need to update your nipples as your little one gets older. They also have an awesome little teether, it looks silly, but it is rather useful! Check out this awesome brand HERE.

I am now 38 weeks pregnant and I am nesting, anxiously awaiting her safe arrival, and wanting to share with you as much as possible on this newfound journey. I have spent hours googling baby products… I have wasted LOTS of time and LOTS of money sadly on too many unnecessary things. I do want to mention this, every baby is different, what one loves, another may not… so less is more. Be as prepared as you want and can be but don’t over do it. Save your receipts, un-package and wash as you go… let your little human guide you. Take my advice and any other’s for what it is worth, suggestions… but find your groove mamas, you’ve got this!

Hope this helps make shopping for your next baby shower a little more of a breeze!



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